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It hearkens back 150 years. How are people that stuck in the past? #Single #takingnote...

18 sec ago

It still just blows me away that this is considered legal in any way... #Single #takingnote...

38 sec ago
Katharine S.:

I think so, too, mlr. :( #Single #Katharine_...

1 min 23 sec ago

Oh OK Katharine I can't believe this new law what an outrage #Single #mlrsingle

3 min 15 sec ago
Katharine S.:

I find quite a bit of it through my friends and via the trending links on Facebook, mlr. #Single #Katharine_...

4 min 38 sec ago
Katharine S.:

Oh, okay, takingnotes. I hope it does instigate a federal response, especially since #Arkansas is now following suit and trying to pass a "religious freedom" law of their own. #Single #Katharine_...

5 min 7 sec ago

Pretty hilarious article. #Single #takingnote...

5 min 28 sec ago

Where'd you go #Single #mlrsingle

5 min 45 sec ago

I gotta admit I'm computer illiterate #Single #mlrsingle

6 min 52 sec ago

Katharine how do you find these links #Single #mlrsingle

7 min 43 sec ago

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