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I mean that's all I can figure out from their silence. #Single #SunshineNJ

5 sec ago

And now that they know how much I WOULD charge them, they are overwhelmed with my generosity... #Single #SunshineNJ

1 min 14 sec ago

she has probably just been saying that while i was working with her hub. #Single #SunshineNJ

1 min 44 sec ago

That one hasnt contacted me since a few fridays ago... has been insisting that we MUST get together... #Single #SunshineNJ

2 min 47 sec ago

Moved "away" from me after I refused to go to her church. over and over again. she's not the same woman as the art teacher. #Single #SunshineNJ

4 min 21 sec ago

So it's the undergrad friend who had a husband who wants free work? #Single #NJWriter

5 min 1 sec ago

No the catholic is UBER catholic. #Single #SunshineNJ

5 min 6 sec ago

And yes, clearly I spelled it wrong. #Single #NJWriter

9 min 30 sec ago

OK... I figured it out. It's episcapalion. #Single #NJWriter

9 min 46 sec ago

me too... #Single #SunshineNJ

17 min 33 sec ago

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