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See you later, Villon! #NYNY #Single

39 min 44 sec ago

Have a good night, and it was nice talking with you! #Villon #Single

46 min 37 sec ago

Oops - gotta go. The email I was awaiting has just arrived. #Villon #Single

47 min 3 sec ago

I actually specifically got mine for traveling. #Villon #Single

48 min 58 sec ago

It's nice to be able to read a sequel on a Sunday when the library is closed, or to switch out #Books while you are traveling without packing them all. #NYNY #Single

49 min 55 sec ago

I like to hold physical #Books better, but the Kindle makes them fast and free! #NYNY #Single

50 min 42 sec ago

Plus I have weird taste in literature, which means I can get e-#Books for practically nothing. #Villon #Single

52 min 2 sec ago

Physical #Books are great, but the kindle is really convenient. #Villon #Single

52 min 53 sec ago

My kindle has been acting up lately, but that is definitely a modern perk. #NYNY #Single

53 min 7 sec ago

Oh, that is very nice! #NYNY #Single

53 min 49 sec ago

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