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Katharine S.: Ugh, that wifi sucked! I am home now though. Anyone else here? 6 hours 39 min ago
anonymous: @All. Hair clip or scrunchie? Reply - Katharine S. - 10/9/15 10:47pmThe occasional bobby pin or headband for me, but my hair is too short for either clips or scrunchies now -- and I love it! Should have cut it long ago.Reply - NYNY - 10/9/15 11:11pmI use scrunchies pretty much on a daily basis.Reply - NYNY - 10/9/15 11:12pmWhen my hair is wet I wind it up in the scrunchie and when it dries naturally, it makes it curlier. 7 hours 35 min ago
takingnotes: Looks like we keep just missing each other though. :( Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:46pm@Notes. Yes we do keep missing one another. Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:46pm@Notes. That's unfortunateReply - NYNY - 10/9/15 11:12pmThat's too bad! 7 hours 58 min ago
takingnotes: I'm here too. Mostly. DOing other stuff too. Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:46pm@notes. I am doing other stuff too as well. 8 hours 9 min ago
anonymous: @all. Got some great organic strawberries at whole #Foods and am going to wash them and eat them. Looking forward to it. 8 hours 30 min ago
anonymous: @ALl. I am still around. Is anyone still here? 8 hours 31 min ago
Katharine S.: I'm still here, @takingnotes, just on really crappy wifi and thus having trouble with the wall. Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 8:56pm@Kat. Oh, no what happened to your wi-fi? Reply - Katharine S. - 10/9/15 10:49pmIt was Perkins wifi! Always slow, but it makes the shout wall nearly impossible. 8 hours 32 min ago
takingnotes: Hey there, Kat. You still around? Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:47pm@notes. I am here too. 8 hours 44 min ago
takingnotes: Howdy shout wall! Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:52pm@notes. Howdy 8 hours 44 min ago
Katharine S.: I had a rough day... Anyone around? Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:51pm@Kat. I am here. Reply - anonymous - 10/9/15 9:51pm@kat. How come it was a rough day? 8 hours 49 min ago

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