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mamacrunchNJ: Have a wonderful night of sleep and rest , all! Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:32pmNight mama 11 hours 53 min ago
mamacrunchNJ: Please excuse me while I do so in the comfort of a real bed... Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:32pmsleep sounds good 11 hours 53 min ago
mamacrunchNJ: OK, I am really pretty much about to fall asleep. Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:33pmi hear you 11 hours 54 min ago
anonymous: @all. signing off for the night. Hope to see you all tomorrow. This is NYC123 as anon. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:57pmoh dear... one trip to the powder room and look what happens!Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:33pmpowder room lol 12 hours 22 min ago
anonymous: @mama. Also think that taking a hot shower would help with the pulled muscles. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:57pmHEAT!!! yes!Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:33pmgood ideaReply - takingnotes - 9/5/15 2:11amHot bath! Give them a soak and get the blood to flow to the surface. Great for recovery. As is massage. 12 hours 25 min ago
anonymous: @mama. My computer is starting to make some weird noises again. May need to shut down soon. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:58pmeeeek! NOISES???Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:34pmthat isnt a good omenReply - takingnotes - 9/5/15 2:10amMaybe it's a cry for help. :) 12 hours 25 min ago
anonymous: @mama. But I am incredibly soar and feel like my entire body took a beating so to speak. And all I did was fall. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:36pmwhat about visiting a chiropractor? Reply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:41pm@mama. It feels more muscular at this point. Like I pulled a bunch of muscles trying to stop my face from hitting the ground. Reply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:45pm@mama. But chiropractors often help. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:58pmit's a good cartoon image... but i am sorry for your pain!Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:34pmouch does not sound plesent 12 hours 34 min ago
anonymous: @mama. So now I am torn about which to try. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:38pmWell I know that our TKD studio has intro course for 99...Reply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:42pm@mama. There are a lot of choices right? So hard to tell which one to pickReply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:45pm@mama. I know right. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 9:00pmluckily, communities of self-defense want you to defend yourself ENOUGH that they can make it happen cheaper than a new pair of shoes!Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:35pmmost are around 100 to 150 a month i thinkReply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:35pmmight be cheaper at the y 12 hours 35 min ago
anonymous: @Mama. So I def want to go back to Krav Maga. But my friend just told me that Brazlian jiujitsu has less of a chance of injuries. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:34pmHmmmm... what about TaeKwonDo? Reply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:35pm@mama. I might try that too. Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:35pmor aikidoReply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:36pmjudo tooReply - takingnotes - 9/5/15 2:09amReally? I would think the opposite. 12 hours 35 min ago
anonymous: @Mama. Are you still around? Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 8:30pmI am still here!Reply - anonymous - 9/4/15 8:46pm@mama. nice to see you here. Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 9:00pmIT is nice to be here... Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 9:01pmI have to make a "butterfly garden" flyer for my son's school...Reply - mamacrunchNJ - 9/4/15 9:02pmbc i am realizing that i am not into slaving away at the garden by myself.Reply - smeagol - 9/4/15 9:36pmdid they hire you as an artist 12 hours 38 min ago

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