Great day trips in Alabama

Alabama day trips

Looking for some great day trip adventures in Alabama? Here are our top three picks for day trips that will keep you and your sweetie entertained.

The quilts of Gee’s Bend

The world famous quilts made by the quilters of Gee’s Bend are vibrant, unique, and an incredible bit of classic Americana. Visit Gee’s Bend, check out the quilts, and enjoy the fascinating history.

The Alabama Wine Trail

There are 10 amazing wineries in Alabama, many of which specialize in the unique muscadine grapes which grow well in this area, and which are famed for having up to five times the antioxidants as regular grapes. That makes the wine super healthy, right?!

Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Alabama has produced some of the nation’s most incredible music, and the Alabama Music Hall of Fame is devoted to all our amazing wealth of talent, from a variety of genres. 

Image courtesy Flickr/sunsurfr